Your general contractor

To complete your project as a general contractor, we integrate the skills of all companies in order to optimize the cost, time, operating and energy costs.


Organisation and structure

The way our business works


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Key numbers

  • 24 years of expérience…
  • 140 buildings realized in Romandie
  • 9 ongoing projects
  • 30 Ongoing studies in the cantons of Fribourg, Vaud, Geneva, Neuchâtel & Valais

Our priorities

  • Satisfy our customer base with quality, costs and deadlines
  • Observe the changing needs, tastes and choices 
  • Provide economical and efficient solutions targeted both technical and financial aspects
  • Develop our innovative spirit
  • Geographically deploy our activities
  • Ensure constant growth

Our strengths

  • highly qualified team
  • All professions related to project management under one roof
  • Control of the entire construction process
  • Only one person of reference
  • Appropriate selection of subcontractors and agents


Our business trains draughtsman apprentices every year.


  • ISO 9001 since 1999
  • ISO 14001 since end of 2018

General contractor

The General Contractor commits himself to the client by a single service contract, to fully execute a construction project whose study has already been completed. It therefore never realizes its own project, which does not prevent him from sometimes assuming the development of detailed implementation plans. It is free to give parts or all of the work to third parties.


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Total contractor

The Total Contractor, for its part, not only assumes the execution, but also the study of the project. It is responsible for all stages of a project. It leads this single project or charges a third party to carry the project in its name and on its behalf. This third party does not enter into the contract with the Employer.


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Express Resume

2005Take off
2006New blood
201520th birthday


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Integral contractor

The integral contractor is similar to the total contractor in its form but the fundamental difference is that it integrates the expertise of the subcontractors in the study phases. The aim is to improve the implementation and control the costs by using the expertise of companies collaborating in the project in the early stages of study.


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