Agoriaz Centre

Multifunctional building, 1632 Riaz (FR)

After 13 months of work, Agoriaz Center, in Riaz, will officially open on Friday, June 29, 2007. This day will mark the official inauguration of this magnificent achievement in the presence of the State Councilor Anne-Claude Demierre, Director of Health and Social Affairs. On Saturday,  the open house will take place. Promoting this project, BAT-MANN Constructions SA put together in a multifunctional three-storey building a tearoom café, a pediatric practice, a hairdressing salon, a sports medicine center, an orthopedic surgery as well as as the Fribourgeois Hospital, Riaz site that rents offices and rooms for its staff, not to mention two conference rooms, including the largest of 60 seats.

  • 2'400 m2
  • 10'000 m3
  • 14 month
  • 2006-2007
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