Aptasic SA

Renovation and transformation of the building, 2017 Boudry (NE)

Aptasic SA is part of the PQH Holding SA group founded in 2000. This group brings together five companies active in the packaging, watchband and micro-electronics sectors: Cafag SA, Plaspaq SA, Mestel SA, Walke AG, Aptasic SA and holds stakes in Agrobag AG and Süd-Chemie (Schweiz) AG.

Aptasic SA (formerly CSEE SA) offers recognized services in the field of design and testing of electronic integrated circuits. Being in a cramped building in the center of Neuchâtel, it wanted to have premises better adapted to the production standards in its area of ​​activity and to offer itself the possibility of increasing the production capacities essential to her work. 

PQH Holding undertook to develop a renovation project for one of its buildings located on a parcel of the town of Boudry. Its goals were to install the Aptasic SA company by providing a brand image and significantly enhance the building. This task has been entrusted to Bat-Mann Constructions SA, which has proved to be a first-class partner for its efficiency, competence and management of the works. The mandate extended to the construction of the building and the specific technical infrastructure including a clean room laboratory. Thus, the completed object delivered seven months after the beginning of the construction, perfectly respected the goals set in terms of aesthetics, functionality, quality, cost and time.

Jean-Pierre Aeby

  • 1'600 m2
  • 11'200 m3
  • 8 month
  • 2008
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