Boucledor SA

New building, 1217 Meyrin (GE)

To meet the challenges of the future and the demands of a demanding clientele, Boucledor SA has entrusted BAT-MANN Constructions SA with the construction of a building which must combine the two production sites of the company, be functional, give a nice working environment to our staff while staying discreet.

The extremely high technicality of Boucledor SA's products requires extraordinary working conditions; very low climate variation. Workshops allowing high precision work to technical engineers and high level employees. Control of a long, complex and varied process, requiring a great readability of the production areas.

The project began in mid-June 2010 and at the end of July 2011 we were moving into our building. The company was operational in mid-August 2011.

Thank you to BAT-MANN Constructions SA who realized our building while respecting our criteria, the deadlines and the budget.


Mr. Girard

  • 5'000 m2
  • 28'000 m3
  • 13 month
  • 2010-2011
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