Foyer St-Vincent

Transformation and extension of a nursing home, 1628 Vuadens (FR)

Providing quality accommodation to our residents by providing them with a living environment respectful of their needs was in short the challenge that awaited us in the expansion and transformation of the St Vincent Foyer of Vuadens.

The construction has started and we are now endowed with beautiful single rooms for our residents, a large multipurpose room, a modern chapel and several other rooms designed for the care services to make the work more efficient and pleasant .

It is thanks to the company Bat-Mann Constructions SA and its know-how that we can today be proud of the success of our project and thank them warmly.


Foyer St-Vincent, Mr. Donzallaz

  • 700 m2
  • 2'400 m3
  • 13 month
  • 2010-2011
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