FTI, Fondation terrains industriels de Genève

Industrial and craft building of 9 modules, 1217 Meyrin (GE)

During 2004, the FTI mandated the architectural firm P.-C. Sartorio, J.-L, of Chambrier, A. Dutheil for the development of a construction project able to answer the needs and requests of future craftsmen users. A building permit was issued in July 2005.

In addition, the construction of this new building required a two-stage intervention, the craftsmen being on site, to be able to continue their activities during the construction. It started at the end of October 2006 and ended at the end of 2007.

The project was a success thanks to the realization carried out by BAT-MANN Constructions SA, whose representatives worked in close collaboration with the FTI and its architect, both before the project and during the project phase. execution

Ph. Moeschinger

  • 2'500 m2
  • 17'000 m3
  • 14 month
  • 2006-2007
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