Medelec SA

Extension of the production unit, 1070 Puidoux (VD)

Several reflections have been made to extend our production areas. The surface of the land available being restricted, it was necessary to densify the extension with the maximum of its possibilities.

The technical solutions offered by Bat-mann Constructions SA allowed us to build the extension without having to stop our production. A floor was built over the existing building. We also took advantage of this work to retouch the existing facade and expand our parking.

Bat-Mann constructions SA has been able to find economical solutions. Congratulations for the respect of deadlines (despite a wet winter). With this extension, we have changed the look of our production plant.


Marc Butty

  • 1'100 m2
  • 5'300 m3
  • 17 month
  • 2009-2011
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