Pelidelay SA

Construction of a multifunctional building, storage, offices, parking, 1216 Meyrin (GE)

In order to densify our land as much as possible (according to the recommendations of the FTI), we opted for the realization of a multifunctional building including:

Administrative building of 5 levels of 500 m2 on the ground

  • Ground floor: Pelichet storage hall for small equipment and reception desk AVIS
  • 1st: changing rooms, cafeteria AVIS, locker room for Pelichet
  • 2nd: administrative office for Pelichet NLC
  • 3-4th: administrative office for Panalpina

Container storage hall for Pelichet NLC with analog overhead crane search system

  • Floor area: 650 m2
  • Height: 21 m1
  • Capacity 160 containers and loading area

Parking for rental cars AVIS on 10 half-levels with:

  • Lower floor: a workshop of 350 m2 to prepare cars
  • The parking as a whole has a capacity of 276 seats

We really enjoyed working with Bat-Mann Constructions SA, which brought us a lot of ideas, solutions throughout the construction, especially as the deadlines and costs were perfectly respected. BRAVO!

  • 3'200 m2
  • 26'000 m3
  • 15 month
  • 2012-2013
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