Pharmatic AG

Construction of an administrative building, 3176 Neuenegg (BE)

After a tender to general companies, the company Pharmatic, specialized in computer systems for the management of pharmacies, mandated us to realize their administrative headquarters in Neuenegg.

In addition to its interesting architecture, made of curvatures and indentations the facades, this building has a climate management, since the heating and cooling are provided by a heat pump that is recharged with the water of the water table. In other words, a green and free energy! The diffusion being ensured by the principle of the active slabs, it gives the users an ideal comfort.

The construction took place from September 2014 to October 2015, 14 months to complete this building despite a very harsh winter that slowed down the progress of the work. To compensate for this loss of time, it was necessary to install elements of facades while the last slab of roofing was not yet concreted. A meticulous operation that worked well and made it possible to meet the contractual deadline.

  • 3'800 m2
  • 13'000 m3
  • 14 month
  • 2014-2015
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