RS Agencement Steiner SA

Transformation and expansion of the production unit, 1030 Bussigny (VD)

How to project our company RS Agencement Steiner SA that has been active for 50 years in the 21st century and have a tool to match its ambitions. It is in short the challenge that has inhabited us, the Steiner family, my collaborators and myself, in order to imagine the transformation and expansion of our production unit located in Bussigny.

The construction started in October 2009 with an intangible objective, to finish the building 12 months later. This was done, even though the marriage of our two corporate cultures was "interesting" in more ways than one. We have seen how important it is to zoom in together to coordinate a good vision of the entire project. The exchanges were rich and nourished. I will mention in retrospect the irreproachable know-how of all the Bat-Mann staff despite the difficulties of maintaining a constructive dialogue.

Today, we have moved into our quarters in a brand new building that is our pride and which in many respects provokes admiration and the best comments. Our production rhythm is in the process of reaching the expected prospects. It was an exciting and captivating human adventure; the confidence put in Bat-Mann Constructions SA was fully returned. I wish the bat team good luck in their new offices in Bulle.

Jean-Bernard Marclay

  • 6'500 m2
  • 22'500 m3
  • 15 month
  • 2009-2010
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