Varo Energy SA

Construction of a control center, 2088 Cressier (NE)

Varo Refining (Cressier) SA is a refinery that manufactures petroleum products such as petrol, diesel and heating oil for distribution mainly in Switzerland. It is supplied with crude oil via the SPSE pipeline from the Fos-sur-Mer terminal in the South of France.

In order to better meet the current standards, Varo has decided to build a new control center with a special focus on the safety of their employees. From this new construction, the teams, who drive the refinery's production units, benefits from a safe and explosion-proof workplace (walls, doors and windows).

Varo Refining (Cressier) SA has found from the very first meetings with Bat-Mann, and all its team, the skills needed and a very good collaboration that made it possible to carry out the project rapidly

  • 700 m2
  • 5'700 m3
  • 15 month
  • 2014-2015
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