Wago Contact SA, 5th realization

Sheds building, 1564 Domdidier (FR)

To achieve even more efficient and rational production, we decided to demolish the "Sheds" building, the oldest building on the Wago Contact site and build a new building on 3 levels including:

  • ground floor: production: injection 900 m2
  • 1st floor: production: stamping 900 m2
  • 2nd floor: executive offices and administrative Openspace

Its supporting structure is made of concrete and masonry laid on Fundex type piles. Mixed ventilated façades with an Alucobond type coating and photovoltaic panels. The roof is accessible (concrete slab and balustrade) because a large part of the technique necessary for the use of the buildings are arranged on this roof. The company Wago contact SA makes a point of honor to the respect of its environment: the heat of the production machines is recycled to heat the whole building. A cooling system based on a "free cooling" exchange is set up in order to minimize the energy consumption of the production as much as possible.

Thanks to the advice of Bat-Mann Constructions SA and its team, we can say that today we have a company at the cutting edge of technology perfectly adapted to excellent working conditions. Thank you to the entire team of Bat-Mann Constructions SA for their contribution of advice and expertise.

  • 2'700 m2
  • 13'300 m3
  • 15 month
  • 2010-2011
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